Responding to the Virus – Update

What follows is posted here for the Felton Bible Church family as we continue to navigate our response to the Coronavirus:


Brothers and Sisters,

As things have unfolded over the course of yesterday and this morning, the better part of wisdom means we need to postpone meeting this week.  This morning we learned that the missionary individual scheduled to preach and share with us tomorrow was exposed to a brother from Mexico who began exhibiting flu-like (Coronavirus-like) symptoms.  The probability is that our missionary is just fine (it’s been two weeks). It’s also highly likely that many of us have been exposed to this virus already, without even realizing it.  But, I take it as the Lord’s providence – and providential redirection – that we’ve had to weigh the question of meeting again this morning.  A general sense of unsettledness over tomorrow suggests that we need to change direction.

Please enjoy a Sunday morning at rest with Jesus in your own home!  Take the opportunity to read through Luke 17:20-37 and consider where we’re headed next in our study of the Gospel.  Please also consider giving online through the link available on our website.

We’ll be in touch as the week unfolds about what to expect for the next couple Sundays.  Let’s pray that the Lord will quickly bring us back together. In the meantime, we have a wonderful opportunity to show the world how people who know the sovereign God can live at peace in the midst of difficult uncertainty.

I love you all and will miss being with you tomorrow.

In Christ,


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