“Close of The Lord’s Day” – COVID Lockdown Devotion, Day 13

Brothers and Sisters,

Once again, my Sunday devotional will be brief.  It was my privilege to lead us into God’s Word today, and I would encourage you toward this morning’s sermon – whether via the Facebook Live video or the recording online.  Let me also reflect the joy and blessing of seeing some of you today via Zoom during our Sunday School gathering and our prayer meeting.  God is good to give us the grace of technology in a time of separation.  In this sense, what we’re experiencing is unprecedented in the life of Jesus’ church.  Our spiritual fore-bearers in 1918 weren’t connecting virtually!  While we’re very aware as Jesus’ people of the pitfalls inherent to technology, these days also help us remember to be grateful for the tools that God gifts us with in cyberspace.  May we use them well in the week ahead!

I’ll close today by commending to you this video of a virtual choir singing “It is Well With My Soul.”  The last verse in particular tugs at my heart in a special way.  May it be a blessing to you this evening.

Until tomorrow…

In Christ,


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