“Following the Messiah” Video Series – COVID Lockdown Devotion, Day 21

Brothers and Sisters,

Back in 2016, I had the fantastic opportunity to take a seminary course centered on a study trip to Israel.  One of our days traveling involved a stop at the site of Capernaum.  Our visit to Capernaum was great, except for the slight annoyance of some group trying to film onsite while we viewed the town’s synagogue.  In hindsight, I’m quite grateful for the minor inconvenience.  The group that we ran into that day is an organization known as Appian Media.  They’ve now produced two wonderful, multi-episode, video series shot in Israel.  The first traces the life and ministry of Jesus, while the second explores the archeological evidence for Israel’s United Monarchy (Israel under David and Solomon).  I’ve enjoyed watching both for free at the Appian Media website, and now I’m enjoying them again with my kids.  As we enter into the week before Easter, let me commend to you, in particular, the series titled, “Following the Messiah.”  I think this well-done video walk through the life of Jesus will edify you as we recall, in a special way, our Lord’s death, burial, and resurrection.  Take an hour tonight and get started with the first 2-3 episodes.  Enjoy!

In Christ,


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