Links for Life

This page serves as a running list of links and websites that I find informative or helpful for various reasons (arranged alphabetically):

Bible – Todd Bolen, of The Master’s Seminary, maintains a wonderful blog focused on biblical archeology at Bible Places.Com:  Here you can also purchase any one of several photo collections focused on the Bible, its text, and its places.  I purchased (and highly recommend) the Photo Companion to the Bible Collection.  It was my privilege to tour Israel under Todd’s tutelage in the summer of 2016.

Bill Mounce – Excellent resource for those who study or work with New Testament Greek:

China Source – An excellent resource for learning about Christ’s body in China:

Desiring God – A ministry that has impacted me deeply:

Martyn Lloyd-Jones – One of my heroes in the faith:

On Eagles’ Wings – My wise and Christ-loving uncle blogs at this site: On Eagles Wings

Truth in Love Biblical Counseling – If you find yourself desiring a time of focused discipleship aided by a brother or sister skilled in biblical counseling, may I recommend Truth in Love Biblical Counseling:  (in particular the Unbound curriculum).  May the Lord bless you through this ministry as he has me!

Veritas Church (Fayetteville, N.C.) – If you ever make your way to Fayetteville, N.C., consider joining the body of Christ at Veritas.  I know one of the pastors personally…he’s family:


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