Thanking God for the ESV Bible

If you click here you will enjoy a wonderful ten-minute video describing the English Standard Version (ESV) of the Bible, including something of the process that brought it into being.  While I continue to use the NASB for much of my personal Bible reading, I am profoundly thankful for the ESV.  It’s a privilege to come to God through its words, especially on Sunday mornings, week-in, and week-out.  It’s also a privilege to shepherd my children, primarily through the language of the ESV.  I’m grateful to see the faces and hear the voices of many who supported and led the work on this translation.  Part of my confidence in the result of their labor stems from the character, doctrine, and lives of the men who appear in this video.  God has been so good to the English-speaking world in the plethora of riches we enjoy when it comes to biblical materials.  May we be good stewards of his wealth!  May we also earnestly desire the same blessing for those into whose heart-language Scripture has yet to come!

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