Holiness is Christ

Good morning all!  Just a brief post today in order to appreciate these wonderful words from J.I. Packer:

“Holiness is a matter of being Jesus’s disciple, of listening to his word and obeying his commands, of loving and adoring him as one’s Redeemer, of seeking to please him and honor him as one’s Master, and so of making ready for the day when we shall see him and be with him forever…This Jesus-centeredness is the basic form of Christian holiness, and it is to this that the Spirit leads us all in his sanctifying work.  The holiest Christians are not those most concerned about holiness as such, but those whose minds and hearts and goals and purposes and love and hope are most fully focused on our Lord Jesus Christ (emphasis mine).” – taken from Keep In Step With The Spirit (Baker Books, 2005), 134.

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