“What Mean These Stones?” – COVID Era Devotion, Day 34

Brothers and Sisters,

Today is sermon “two-for-one” deal!  How’s that for an attention getter?  In addition to our time this morning as Felton Bible Church, I’d like to point you to the preaching of one of God’s great servants now in heaven with Jesus.

I’ve mentioned before that Martyn Lloyd-Jones (MLJ) is one of my heroes in the faith; one of those in the great cloud of witnesses whose life and legacy stands near to my heart and mind.  Recently, I was reminded of the last sermon that MLJ preached before his death in March 1981.  He preached it on June 8, 1980, at Barcombe Baptist Chapel (England), dealing with the text of Joshua 4:21 (or, maybe, Joshua 4:6, depending on which source you consult).  Given that we’ve recently spent time together in Joshua 4 – in this devotional series, and also during our Good Friday service – I was struck by the fact that MLJ last proclaimed God’s Word from this passage.  With my interest piqued, I went hunting on the website of the MLJ Trust for a recording of MLJ’s final sermon.  While I didn’t find precisely what I was looking for, it appears the “Doctor” (as he was called….read his biography to see why) preached the same sermon on at least two other occasions.  I listened to one, a recording made in 1977 when MLJ preached from Joshua 4:21-24 during the dedication of a new building at Emmanuel Evangelical Church in Newport, England.  Give the sermon a listen this week and be encouraged to hear one of God’s men from days past address “What Mean These Stones?”

In Christ,


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