No Navel-Gazing! Look to Christ…

I recorded this video particularly for the people of Felton Bible Church, most of whom are scattered many places under evacuation orders because of the CZU Lightning Complex Fire burning in and alongside the San Lorenzo Valley.  Of note, I bungled the name of the church whose office I borrowed…it is Grace Church Monterey Bay.  If you live in the Monterey/Seaside area, I commend this group of folks to you!

2 thoughts on “No Navel-Gazing! Look to Christ…”

  1. PJ! I’ve been praying about your situation what with all the stresses and difficulties that follow with evacuation. Good devotional. I would add one caveat to your devotional. No, we should not withdraw into ourselves and our own difficulties, but it is okay, even good, to lament when life is difficult. If you haven’t read “Dark Clouds, Deep Mercy,” by Mark Vroegop, I highly recommend it. A couple of good quotes:

    “Lament is how Christians grieve. It is how to help hurting people. Lament is how we learn important truths about God and our world. My personal and pastoral experience has convinced me that biblical lament is not only a gift but also a neglected dimension of the Christian life for many twenty-first-century Christians.”

    “Lament is the honest cry of a hurting heart wrestling with the paradox of pain and the promise of God’s goodness.”

    “Lament is how you live between the poles of a hard life and trusting in God’s sovereignty.”


    1. Uncle John…well said indeed! I was reminded of that this morning while reading in John 11 (Jesus lamented at Lazarus’ tomb even when he knew what was coming right after). I haven’t read the book, but Allie has started through it…and found it quite good. Thanks for the prayer! I was able to get back into our home last night. Our community has much lamenting to do, since there are 500+ families/individuals who have lost homes.


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