Governor Inslee, Your Hypocrisy Stuns

Yesterday I listened to a National Public Radio (NPR) episode of the podcast “On Point” titled “Lessons Of The Pacific Northwest Wildfire.”  As you might expect, this particular episode addressed fires burning in the states of Oregon and Washington.  During the latter portion of the show, the host, Meghna Chakrabarti, spoke with Governor Jay Inslee of Washington.  I found the Governor’s commentary disturbing at best, and disturbing is too light a word.  I was disturbed not primarily by the way in which he used his remarks to criticize President Trump and promote Joe Biden (not too surprising in an election year, though to be fair, I’ll assume the Governor spoke from true conviction and not mere political expediency), but with the Governor’s confident and (I’ll argue below) hypocritical assertion of the authority of science.  The Governor charged President Trump with an anti-scientific view of climate change that led him to be dismissive of Washington’s fire-induced tragedy.  He, Governor Inslee, described his feelings of “rage” and accused the President of a “callous indifference to science.”

Now, my purpose in this post is not to address climate science, nor is it to defend the comments or positions of the President.  Rather, my purpose is to make clear the deep hypocrisy, the stunning hypocrisy, that fundamentally undermines what the Governor said and where he presumes to stand morally.  The Governor referred repeatedly to science as if it is his grounding moral reality, an authority against which no one can argue.  And yet, I assert that in truth Governor Inslee actually does not “believe” in science.  Why?  Because he is an avid supporter of abortion.  He bragged about his position on abortion during the recent Democratic presidential primary process.  Apparently, the Governor does not see, or does not care to see, that you cannot hold to a pro-abortion position and yet claim the authority of science.  It’s profoundly hypocritical to do so…plain and simple.  True science will tell you that the so-called fetus growing inside a mother is a living, developing human being.  True science will tell you that such a child, long before birth, can feel pain, can respond to influences outside the womb (like sound for instance), and even has a special affinity for his or her mother’s voice.  In the face of “science,” Governor Inslee stubbornly maintains the twisted faith of a pro-abortion position.  It is this science-denying dark faith that made the Governor’s charge against President Trump so shockingly hypocritical (even if his charge against the President is warranted).

Repeatedly in his comments Governor Inslee referenced the tragic death of a one-year old boy killed as his parents tried to flee from a fire near Colville, WA.  While he’s certainly right to grieve the death of this little boy, why can’t Governor Inslee understand the same tragedy at work in the deaths of 17,080 children aborted in the state of Washington in 2016 alone (the last year for which the Washington State Department of Health includes statistics)?

Governor Inslee, you are a science-denier, and your denial of science is one factor contributing to the death of thousands in your state every year.  I pray you will change.  I pray you will repent.  I pray your eyes will be opened.  Consider the rage you feel pertinent to President Trump’s denial of climate science.  Let your feelings of rage cause you to wonder over the rage a holy God must feel at your denial of “created in his image” science.

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