Open Letter to Santa Cruz Bible Church

Dear Reader,

Insomuch as this post reaches beyond the normal consumers of this occasional blog, it may elicit strong emotion – even anger perhaps – on the part of some.  Please know, stirring up anger is not my purpose in posting.  Rather, I’ve written in order to make public an open letter to Santa Cruz Bible Church (SCBC) attached here .  I invite you to read it and consider its contents.  Here’s why the letter was written:

Back in February and March of this year, the leadership of Santa Cruz Bible Church preached a series of sermons establishing a new direction for the congregation.  The series, titled, “Where are We Going,” culminated in a final sermon on the word “Inclusive.”  In it, lead pastor Matt Roden established inclusivity as a characteristic that must define SCBC in the future.  Regrettably, both the content and the nature of this sermon were so egregiously contrary to God’s Word that I, joined by two other local pastors, felt it necessitated a response.  Accordingly, we sent the letter referenced above to the elders and pastoral staff of SCBC (Note: The copy at the previous link does not include our names/signatures).  In an attached cover letter, I expressed our concern, welcomed clarification, and stated our availability to meet in person.  The response back from SCBC was a one-line email (other than the introduction and signature block) that said this: “On behalf of the Santa Cruz Bible Church Board of Directors this email is to acknowledge that we have received your letter and have determined that no action is needed.”

Now, while I’m grateful that SCBC took the time to actually respond, it’s sad that the church seems committed to its present course.  I believe SCBC has compromised sound doctrine, and thus Christian unity.  I believe that if it stays this course it will eventually lose any modicum of true Gospel witness.  I pray that won’t happen.  What’s more, I pray that my words here, and those in the attached letter, will prove consistent with Proverbs 27:6 – “Faithful are the wounds of a friend…”

In Christ,


7 thoughts on “Open Letter to Santa Cruz Bible Church”

  1. This is a great conversation to have, could you please share the names of the five santa cruz county pastors so we can have further conversation with them. Thank you, great stuff!


    1. Alex, if you’re interested in further conversation on this front, the best bet is probably to establish email contact with me. Please let me know your address and I’d be happy to reach out.


      1. Hello PJ,
        I am seeking a church in Santa Cruz that follows the Bible’s doctrine. Your post sounds like your church may do so. May I have the church name, address and contact information please?
        Thank you for speaking out,
        Terry Alford


      2. Terry,

        Thank you for reaching out. I’d be happy to speak with you about the church I’m a part of, and/or mention some other faithful congregations here in the Santa Cruz area. Please give me a call at your convenience – (831) 335-3418.



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