Commending Ryan Lipert

In the past two years I’ve become more attuned than ever before to the important of local school boards.  Such boards are one essential way for voting parents to exercise influence for the good of their own children, the good of their neighbor’s children, and the good of an entire community.  In short, school boards matter.  As the school board goes, so goes the public school system.    

With that said, permit me then to commend Ryan Lipert to your consideration.  If you’re a voter in the San Lorenzo Valley, it’s important you know that Ryan is a candidate for the San Lorenzo Valley Unified School District (SLVUSD).  I had the privilege to meet and interact with Ryan this morning, after first becoming aware of his candidacy and viewing his website.  Our meeting was truly a privilege.  I found Ryan to be a reasonable, clear-thinking individual.  As a father with young children, one of whom will soon begin in our SLV schools, Ryan has a vested interest in the future of the SLVUSD.  Please consider supporting Ryan with your vote.  

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