SLVUSD Board Violates Conscience (Again)

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The San Lorenzo Valley Unified School District’s Board of Trustees is about to do it again.  They’re about to again authorize display of the “Rainbow Flag,” the LGBTQ+ pride flag (as some would call it), over all SLVUSD schools from May 8th-12th (see Board agenda here).

This action by the Board is highly inappropriate for several reasons, the last of which is (in my book) most important:

  1. Display of this flag represents an inappropriate assertion of authority.
  2. Display of this flag is a matter of official bias.
  3. Display of this flag is unnecessary and divisive.
  4. Display of this flag is a violation of the SLVUSD Board of Trustees’ policy.
  5. Display of this flag is a violation of the religious conscience of some of the district’s students, teachers, and administrators.

You can read a fuller treatment of these objections in the document linked here.

For two years I’ve addressed this matter with the Board.  I’ve asked them to engage my concerns in a substantive way.  If you’d like to see documentation of that engagement, click here.  Thus far, the Board has effectively ignored me, with their most substantive response being a three-paragraph email sent on 18 Apr 22.  It angers me that elected public servants can respond to these concerns with such callous indifference.  Just this evening, I’ve again reached out to the Board (click here).  Perhaps this year they’ll choose to give this matter its due attention?

If you’re a parent of students attending an SLVUSD school, I encourage you to keep your students out of the classroom from May 8th-12th.  I know of no other way to impress upon the Board the inappropriate nature of its actions.



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