Excellent 10-Min Video: Solomon’s Temple

Hey all, I just viewed a 10 min video that I think is incredibly well done and absolutely worth your time.  It describes (with excellent animation) the structure and meaning of Solomon’s Temple, as we know it from Scripture.  You can watch it here.  Again, this one is worth watching…

Temple Mount Picture

2 thoughts on “Excellent 10-Min Video: Solomon’s Temple”

  1. Thanks for the tip, PJ. Excellent video. I didn’t realize that the tabernacle and temple were connected back to Eden, but it sure makes sense.


  2. PJ,

    Thanks for sharing the video. It is very well done. A few things I’d want to check out further, just because I hadn’t visualized them in the way the video does. Nothing against the video, but does spur me to want to check some things out further.

    Hope you’re having a great couple of weeks on the beach … oops, I meant at work.





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